Stuart Ellis Pharmacy

Medication Management

The Medication Management Program was developed to aid patients in adhering to the appropriate administration times of their medications taken for multiple conditions.

A pharmacist reviews current prescription and non-prescription medications and a thorough assessment of the medication regimen is performed.

Medications are provided in weekly blister packages with the day of the week and time of day clearly indicated. Each medication is placed in the blister package so that dosing occurs at the same time of day for best results from your medication

Non-prescription medications and vitamins can also be included in the blister package.

Our job is to make taking your medications as simple as possible for you.

Blister packages can be delivered to your door on a weekly basis free of charge!

Benefits of our Medication Management Service:

  • Helpful reminder of what medication to take and when to take it
  • Easier to use than opening up several different prescription vials
  • Easy to identify missed doses
  • Ideal for caregivers