Women's Health

Do I need a Consultation?

As a pharmacist and menopause practitioner, Lesley Paul answers questions regarding the treatment of many conditions using both traditional and natural remedies. If you simply need help finding an over-the-counter remedy for sleep or hot flashes our staff is happy to point you in the right direction. If you have a multitude of symptoms and need to fine tune your entire vitamin, herbal and prescription regimen you will require an appointment. Do I need a referral? Although many physicians refer women for consultations, it is not necessary. We do however suggest that you inform your physician that you have made an appointment so that follow-up letters may be sent to your physician if necessary.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please refer to the "Women's Health Consultation Checklist".

How can I best prepare for the appointment?

Please read all the information in the Women's Health Section of our website to better understand your options and bio-identical hormones. Please refer also to the "Women's Health Consultation Checklist".

How much time should I allow for my appointment?

Most appointments are booked for one hour, but please allow an additional 30 minutes to register at the pharmacy and to consider any supplements that may be recommended.

Is the consultation covered by private insurance plans?

If you have a health spending account with your insurance plan it may be considered a benefit under "pharmacist consultation". A receipt is provided for this purpose or to use towards your medical expenses on your income tax as the service is tax deductible.

How much is a consultation?

The Ontario government allows for a 30 minute visit with a pharmacist on an annual basis for any patient using 3 or more medications. This 30 minute visit is billed directly to OHIP and referred to as a "Meds Check". Each additional half hour is $50.00. For most women, the first appointment generally takes about 60 to 90 minutes (of which the first half hour can be billed to OHIP where applicable.)

Saliva Hormone Testing

Symptoms like mood swings, low sex drive and hot flashes may be a sign of hormone imbalance. Saliva hormone testing may reveal hormone imbalances that contribute to chronic health problems or hormone conditions. It can also be used to monitor hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and in anti-aging and disease prevention programs.