Compounding for Patients

We are able to work with your doctor and customize your medications to best fit your needs.

Samples of products that we can prepare include:

  • Antibiotic creams
  • Antibiotic/Antifungal lozenges and troches
  • Bio-identical hormone capsules, creams, suppositories, and sublingual drops
  • Bio-identical thyroid hormone replacement capsules
  • Cosmetic creams to treat sun spots, wrinkles, and scars
  • Liquid preparations for those that cannot swallow tablets or capsules
  • Medication mouthwashes
  • Nose sprays
  • Topical cold-sore treatments
  • Transdermal pain creams
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements

We are able to work with you and your doctor to customize your medications and make sure you receive "just what the doctor ordered".

Compounding for Children

Children are excellent candidates for custom prescription compounding. Many times commercially manufactured drugs are not suitable for a child due to poor taste, inability to swallow capsules, unique strength requirements, or special allergies/intolerances such as sugar, gluten, casein, soy, or dyes.


Many children refuse to take a medication due to its texture or color. Many medications can be transformed into colourful, pleasantly flavored dosage forms such as lozenges, lollipops, or even chocolate troches. We have dozens of child-friendly flavors and colors to make medications more appealing to young patients.

Unique Dosage Forms

Many children are unable to swallow capsules or tablets. To solve this problem, your physician and compounding pharmacist can prepare medications in alternative dosage forms that your child will not mind taking.

Strength and Ingredient Variations

Children of different ages and sizes require different dosages of medications. Custom compounding allows your physician to tailor the dose specifically to your child’s needs.

It is very common for children to have allergies or intolerances to food products, additives, or dyes. We are able to work with your physician to create custom medications that do not contain such items as sugar, gluten, lactose, casein, soy, or artificial colorings.